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Workplace Safes: For many who want to maintain money out of the palms of workers or confidential paperwork for delicate eyes solely, there may be an workplace safe to suit the invoice. If you need serious fire protection for an exterior laborious drive or simply a cash safe to place Accounts Receivable money until the following alternative to run to the financial institution, we are able to find a Hollon workplace safe to suit your wants. Wall Safes: Ever wish you may have 2 rifles, a thousand dollars, a passport, and a pistol invisible to everyone but you? Wall Safes conveniently cover in between your wall studs and are easily covered with a painting or photo. Your friends won't ever know you've gotten a Stack-ON, V-Line, Hollon, American Security (AMSEC), Barska, or Gunvault Wall Safe hiding behind your favorite painting. Floor Safes: Floor Safes are each burglar's nightmare! Easily hidden within the floor and customarily totally encased in concrete, these safes aren't only impossible to seek out, however with a U.L. Lock, insanely difficult to crack. Whether or not you decide on an American Security (AMSEC), Eclipse, Hollon or Stealth Flooring Protected, you can relaxation assured that your most prized possessions are safe. Biometric (Fingerprint) Safes: Electronic and Dial Locks enable any person that is aware of the combination into the safe. With a Biometric Protected, only the proprietor of the programmed finger can open the protected ensuring full management. You merely stick your finger on the scanner or open with a swipe. Biometrics are the most effective ease of use possibility when it comes to safes. We inventory solely the most reliable within the trade from Barska, Sentry, Liberty and GunVault. Jewelry Safes: Whether or not you're in search of a TL-15, TL-30 or TL-30x6, these high security safes are constructed to resist intense burglary attacks, severe circumstances, and up to 2 hours in fireplace. Our American Safety (AMSEC) and Hollon High Safety Safes have been tested with highly effective instruments together with drills, chisels, sledgehammers, wedges, energy saws, carbide disc cutters amongst others. Drop Safes: Essential for businesses that use cash registers, depository safes can drastically reduce the amount of money lost in a holdup. Even better, they keep honest employees sincere, reducing shrinkage and temptation among those dealing with the business' cash. Protect your money or documents with a dependable drop secure from American Safety (AMSEC), Eclipse or Hollon. Vaults & Vault Doorways: For these with extensive gun collections, costly artwork, or just an entire room of valuables, a Vault Door is the subsequent step in maximizing your safety. With an inside release, you will haven't any issues getting in and out and in addition will permit the door to be used as a panic room in the event of a house invasion robbery. Whether or not you go along with the Liberty, Fort Knox, or American Security (AMSEC), relaxation assured your prized possessions will stay locked up and secure.